About the Wade-Bennett life-stress scale

Beverly Wade and Chrystine Bennett are both decluttering and organising consultants who work hands-on with clients in their own homes.

On comparing notes, Cluttergone owner Beverly Wade and senior consultant Chrystine Bennett realised that cluttered people have stories to tell with many of the same events.

Time and time again we've gone into a client's home where they say:

'I feel so embarrassed'
'How could I have let this happen?'
'Why can't I keep a beautiful home?'

When we ask them their lives and what has happened to them in recent years the whys become obvious.  The 'stuff' going on in their lives means that something has to give, and all too often that means that clutter builds up.

Often the realisation that the clutter 'is not their fault' but life events and circumstances, is the most important moment in the session. Clearing the clutter then becomes just a small part of a life process.

In 2008, inspired by the 'Holmes and Rahe' stress scale Chrystine and Beverly developed the 'Wade-Bennett life-clutter scale.

Intriged to see how you measure?

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